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What We Can Do for You


Our highly trained teams specialize in designing and fabricating products to meet the needs for nearly all  industries. In addition, our experienced employees can design, and produce YOUR product idea and bring it to market for you, in nearly any industry.

      Our staff is experienced in Sales/Estimating, CAD, Simulation, CNC, Metrology, product manufacturing and distribution. Our team strives to provide our customers with efficient well thought out solutions, coupled with unmatched craftsmanship and quality, that can solve any problem.

Product Design & Manufacturing

We design and prototype products. While also insuring that it can be efficiently manufactured. We then produce/manufacturer the quality product.

Packaging, Marketing & Distribution

After production, we have in-house packaging, sorting, counting, and boxing. As well as ship direct to customers and warehouses. We also are skilled at marketing new products.

"Better Products, driving productivity."

Express Products, Inc.

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